Blackout Blinds

These are suitable for Homes, Schools, Offices, Hospitals & Home Cinema.

Blackout Blinds are ideal for reducing glare and room darkening, they can still be chic and inspiring whilst being functional and effective.

  • Standard Roller Blind with Blackout fabric, flame retardant or standard fabrics
  • Available in Plains, Patterns & Children designs
  • Ideal for Bedrooms
  • The cassette blackout roller blind is a robust and efficient blackout system for homes and business premises. Its design allows it to eliminate the majority of light with top box and side channels
  • Perfect for bedrooms to block out light so as not to disturb sleep
  • They are perfect for home cinema rooms, schools, hospitals & offices where complete darkness is required
  • Vertical & Pleated blinds are available with blackout fabric

“We tried our blackout blind in brilliant sunshine on Sunday afternoon and was very pleased with its effectiveness, as I am too with the bathroom and cloakroom blinds.  Many thanks for prompt and quick installation.  Job done, everybody happy.”

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